Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross

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Mends us together again, reveals Divine order and our wholeness/holiness when we feel torn apart, especially helpful during and after extremely wrenching experiences. -- Garden Essence --

Each brilliant, rich orange Maltese Cross flower is shaped in a cross of four equal length petals. Its geometry of complete balance, unity and order defines its power to heal and transform by holding before us the truth of an unconditionally loving Creator at work in every aspect of our lives..
Maltese Cross is particularly helpful in times of extreme emotional stress, situations such as betrayal, sudden loss of a partner or a career, abandonment, a broken heart, or any situation in which there is a violent tearing apart of the fabric of one's life. This is the one for the times when your life feels like a blood bath. When such events occur, Maltese Cross pulls us back into our center, supports us in hanging in there and helps us cross the bridge from fear into faith.
It does not take us back to the old order of things but fills us with renewed confidence that the Divine is at work, both in the tearing away process and in the knitting back together process. Maltese Cross holds the Divine wisdom that experiences which seem to shatter us into pieces, actually break us open so we can know our wholeness, holiness and our Divine goodness. We may process these events as indicating we are worthless and deserving of punishment. Maltese Cross knows that these forces of change in our lives are neither acts of a vengeful Creator nor indications that we are bad. It knows that we are broken open to be set free not to be destroyed. It helps us go the full circle of compassionate healing of our wounds and letting them go as we see their gifts I am honored to be able to offer the Divine Wisdom and healing strengths of Maltese Cross to you as you too ""Keep the Faith"".

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flower essence
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Lychnis chalcedonica
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