Datura Sunlight

Datura Sunlight

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Releases impurities, brings in higher energies and wisdom, good for cleansing the chakras. In particular helps us receive energies from the sun coming to earth unimpeded, since a big cleansing of the astral plane right before the vernal equinox of 1998. -- Garden Essence --

Datura, also known as Angel's Trumpet, has a long history as a mystical tool and medicinal plant. It has large luminous white tubular blossoms that unfurl to full fragrant glory at night. The stems of the plant are an unusual color of purple with a soft velvet fuzz like young antlers. In every way this plant has a quality of magic and otherworldliness.
Given its unusual beauty, it comes as no surprise that this plant is not from our star system and brings a unique energy to planet Earth. As an Essence it helps to cleanse and purify the emotional, mental, and etheric bodies as well as cleanse, clear and rebalance the chakras. Once Datura has completed this cleansing flow out of the body, the energy flow reverses and Datura expedites the flow of spiritual information into the seeker. Its dual nature as a cleanser and receiver and its very strong energies make it a superb Essence for the spiritual seeker.
After a fairly quiet presence in our line of Essences, Datura Sunlight suddenly began to call to many people around the time of the Vernal Equinox of 1998. It has been flying off our shelves ever since. A cleansing process which occurred on the astral plane right before this particular equinox opened the way for us to more fully and clearly receive the spiritually nourishing and healing benefits of our Sun. If Sunlight Datura suddenly calls to you, know that this may be because it is particularly relevant right now as we strengthen and deepen our relationship with our God parent in this solar system, the Sun.

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flower essence
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Datura meteloides
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