12 Adolescence

12 Adolescence

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Withdrawn, rejection of others, dissatisfaction, apathy, isolation, misunderstanding, self-loathing, immaturity; brings sense of responsibility, will power, enthousiasm, confidence, integrity, sincerity, affirmation and self acceptance


Recommended for the 13-20 age group. Helps to overcome the identity crisis which is linked to adolescence. Pour those who feel ill at ease, ugly or dirty. For a harmonious integration of one's sexuality. For the positive affirmation of one's individuality and beliefs in the face of family, social and cultural pressures. To avoid being influenced and trapped by situations which destroy one's will (drugs, abusive situations). For those who are confused about their future and who have not yet found their path in life. Frees the creative potential that exists in everyone.

This combination includes the following 7 individual essences: Basilic, Coquelicot de Californie, Folle Avoine, Mélèze, Molène, Pommier sauvage, Tournesol.

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