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Flee Free

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Helps rid humans and animals alike of any sort of energetic pest, leaving our energy systems pristine and free from violation.

""Flee Free"" is for any situation in which an animal is ""under attack"" or feels plagued in any way. There are about thirty Essence in our ""Flee Free"" mix. These include energetic strengtheners, protective Essences, Essences for good boundaries, and Essences that help us let our light really shine. This mix works from the inside out to promote a sense of emotional, mental and spiritual strength. This results in the animal experiencing a feeling of overall energetic strength and well-being. It helps the animal create a protective vibrational force field of light.
Spirit fine tunes what goes into this mixture every few months. Each time I make up the mix, I am awed by all the powerhouses assembled together in ""Flee Free"". One glance at the Essences included and I am reminded why so many people as well as animals work with the mixture.
Usually spirit refrains from giving dosages with Flower Essences, appropriately pointing out that each of our energy systems is so different that following your own specific guidance is the best way to get maximum benefit from your Flower Essences. With ""Flee Free"", spirit makes an exception. Here are two specific ways animal care practitioners or pet owners can work with the mix. 30 drops in a cup of water makes a full strength mixture for spritzing on your animal's fur. 5-10 drops daily in a pet's food and water is almost always a sufficient dosage if you prefer to give the mix orally.
In some very complicated vibrational situations you may want to use ""Flee Free"". Let your heart and your pet be your guides!

This essence is part of the Animal Wellness Collection, and is also used by many humans as an auric protection essence.

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