Watch your back

Watch your back

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Powerhouse of Palms and all other Green Hope Farm Flower Essences energetically linked to the main chakras which correspond in time and space with the back and the spinal column.
Over the years, spirit has encouraged us to make as many Palm Essences as we can and to learn as much as we can about this astounding family of plants. The more I learn, the more I appreciate their gifts to Earth and Humankind. Consider for example, their amazing flexibility, immense strength and ability to endure, even in the face of extreme wind and weather. Think of their complete usefulness. Every part of most palms can be used for food, tools, or shelter. Our travels have revealed to us that palm blossoms are glorious in and of themselves. Each palm bears unique and generous flowing strands of blossoms. It is hard not to notice that many of the blossoms resemble nerve ganglion while others blossoms resemble cornucopias of wisdom and light.We put every Palm Essence which we make in our ""Watch Your Back"" combination. We also include all the Flower Essences we make which we believe will help you stand true in your truth, with the strongest light body you can co-create with your creator. These Essences include Lilac, Niella, Heavenly Bamboo, Goldenrod, and Snapdragon.
When we first made this mix, Cody, our golden retriever, barked until we tuned in to him and he suggested that we call it ""Watch Your Back"" The name is perfect, for it does have a very protective energy to its vibration.
""Watch Your Back"" helps keep the energies flowing through the chakras. This is no small task given the increased energies our systems are accommodating these days and our necessary trial and error method of grounding these energies.

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