Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

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Promotes restful, protected and productive sleep by calming emotional body. -- Garden Essence --

If you are feeling restless at night, unable to turn off the emotional and mental concerns of the day, Sweet Pea may be of service to you. It has a calming effect on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies which may leave you more ready for sleep or able to experience more relaxing sleep.
If your child is tossing or turning, this may be an indication that they are having a difficult time discharging the emotional and mental stresses of their day. A drop or two of Sweet Pea Essence on their forehead, right at their third eye may be of help.
Sweet Pea also creates a sense of responsibility, harmony and Divine connection between fellow humans. Anybody exhibiting antisocial tendencies and behavior might benefit from this Essence. Sweet Pea draws people out of their daydreaming and fantasies to exist in the now, which helps develop a connection to the life and society around them. It helps foster an understanding of the divine connection between all humans. This makes it a very helpful Essence for people who do not want to have anything to do with other humans because of painful experiences with human community in this or other lives.

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flower essence
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Lathyrus odoratus
15ml dropper bottle

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