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Protection for our electrical systems, clarity about who we are. -- Garden Essence --

At the farm, Lavender was planted in a protective ring around the Mary Rose. Lavender Flower Essence offers this protective energy to our electrical systems. It helps each of us to be a clear, unwavering force of Divine power, rising up with total confidence in who we are and what it is we are about. It keeps us insulated from the electrical storms around us so that we have an easier time maintaining this clarity.
If you are parenting one of the children now entering Earth, you may want to check with your guidance to see if Lavender Essence would be appropriate for the birth and early childhood of your child. A drop on a newborn's third eye or a sponge bath with a few drops of Lavender Essence in it can help these babes remain in a state of clarity, unjangled by the complexities of the human community's mixed electrical signals.

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flower essence
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Lavandula augustifolia
15ml dropper bottle

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