Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed

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Opens us to release all burdens and feel totally supported by God. -- Garden Essence --

This Flower Essence has the ability to take the mental and spiritual burdens from our shoulders by increasing an awareness of the Oneness of all life and the universal parenthood of God. It encourages us to remember that God, our eternal parent, will love and cherish us always and help us with our life tasks when we ask for help. Joe Pye Weed Essence buoys us up by reminding us that God is everything; we are not abandoned creatures operating in a void but God beings, afloat in a sea of God.
This is an excellent Essence for when we feel alone and overburdened, unable to go a step further because of the load we feel we must carry. It helps us let go and surrender all we are carrying to God, who can carry it all so easily.

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flower essence
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Eupatorium hyssopifolium
15ml dropper bottle

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