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Repairs past life damage in the etheric or ""memory"" body. -- Garden Essence --

The etheric body is the subtle body where memories from this and all our past lives are stored. Comfrey Essence repairs damage to the etheric body. When one is working to heal a present life situation which has roots in another life, Comfrey is very useful, as it will help to heal these past life scars. This promotes permanent healing of the presenting issue because the underlying root causes are finally dealt with.
One indication that past life scars have been reactivated is when there is a very strong emotional or mental reaction going on that has little or no basis in present day circumstances. This is often a sign that a small occurrence in the present has touched upon a deeper trauma held in the etheric. Comfrey Essence can be of service in this situation.
It is important to remember that while the etheric, emotional, mental and physical bodies are all distinct from one another, they impact on each other energetically all the time. Comfrey helps us to get to the root of a problem in the etheric and thus promote healing in the other energy bodies.

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flower essence
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Symphytum officinale
15ml dropper bottle

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