Welcome to our new website

We are pleased to present our new website. It has been several years that we have needed  to re-do our site, but it was never the right time, or we had other projects, or we were simply afraid of embarking on this major change. But now it's done, it’s here, and we're pretty happy with the result.

This new, version 2013, has all the accoutrements of modern e-commerce sites while retaining the information on essences (in the form of articles, newsletters, etc.) that our customers have come to expect. Below are the major changes that you will find on the site.


You will be able to open an account to see your order history, track your orders, keep your delivery addresses etc.. But if you prefer, you can also order without opening an account

Payment on the new site

Now your credit card or PayPal account will be debited directly online at the time of placing your order. This means that catching errors and omissions in orders will not be as easy as before. But we will try to find solutions on a case by case basis.


You can now receive your 10% therapist discount when you place your order online

But in order for this to work:
(1) you must open an account in your name,
(2) then send us an email saying that your account is opened, and
(3) wait to receive a confirmation from us that your account has been placed in the therapist category.

Once this procedure is in place your orders will take into account your therapist discount. If this procedure is not followed you will not receive your discount when placing an order on the internet.

Orders on the internet can not take into account any commissions that you have as a therapist. You will need to place your order by mail or telephone to use your.

European customers with VAT numbers

Unfortunately you can no longer place your orders via the website. You will need to place your orders by telephone (+33 450 42 62 32) or fax (+33 450 42 62 32).

Delivery charges

Our French and Belgian customers will be able to choose from different shipping options offered by SoColissimo, including delivery in local shops. We continue to offer a bottle of Clear Sky (value € 20.50) for all orders of € 150 (before shipping).

I hope you find our new website enjoyable and easy to use. However if you see something that is not working right or you do not understand,  please let us know.