Terre and Cosmos Essences

If you want to enhance your personnel development, live more consciously or simply feel better about yourself, the energetic essences from Terre & Cosmos, created by Ute Franke, from Germany, are here to help you, support you and accompany you on your path.

Energetic essences are harmonising tools. When our subtle bodies come into contact with these essences, which have a higher and purer frequency than our own, we can become more conscious of our Being, identify and free ourselves from the obstacles in our way.

We propose the Chakra essences from Terre & Cosmos:
Our aura contains energy centres called « Chakras » (a Sanskrit word meaning « wheels »), which are meeting points for the different subtle bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric). Each chakra has its own frequency. The chakra essences contain the ideal energetic vibration of each chakra.

How to use the essences:
First and foremost: trust your intuition!

The Terre & Cosmos energetic essences are stock strength and can also be used to make up dosage bottles. However you will obtain stronger effects by taking the essences directly from the stock bottles, which is what we recommend.

Use your intuition when taking the essences. We are all different, therefore there is no specific way to use the essences that applies to everyone. Based on the situation or his method of testing, a therapist, healthcare professional or consultant may specify which essences are most suitable for you, and how to use them.

It is possible to use the essences in the bath, on the acupuncture points, in massage or mixed with creams, oils and lotions. The best times to take the essences are first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night. Trust your intuition!

Results always take some time: it may be a few days for some people, or several weeks for others. It is recommended to lightly shake the bottles before use.