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Pacific: Booklet - 18+ good vibrations

This booklet gives detailed information on the composition and use of the 23 Pacific combination essences and sprays. French translation available for download only.

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18+ Good Vibrations from Pacific Essences, is a full colour reference guide for practitioners or people wanting to find out what each of the 18 Pacific combination essences is suited for. It contains information on:

    • The original 3 combinations: Balancer, Abundance and Heart Spirit.


    • The 14 combinations: Being Peace, Being True Worth, Cellular Memory, Detox, Fearlessness, Forgiving,
      Kids' Stuff, New Attitudes, Optimal Immunity, Optimal Learning, Radiant Beauty, Shielding, Super
      Vitality and Twleve Gems.


    • The 5 Elements: Fire Element, Earth Element, Metal Element, Water Element,
      Wood Element.


    • Abundance Stabiliser.

(available in English and French translation download)

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