White Light Essences Pyramid Pack Maximize

White Light Essences Pyramid Pack

This pack contains the 7 White Light Essences as well as the accompanying CD and book.

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It is highly recommended that when you receive your White Light Essences in their pyramid pack, you open the pyramid so that if forms the eight petalled lotus shape, and leave it in this position. This will create the most beneficial, balanced and harmonious vibration for the White Light Essences.

You could consider the Essences arriving in the pyramid pack as being symbolic of a bud and the opening of the pack into the 8 petalled lotus shape as the full blossoming of the remedies.

The results you will obtain from working with the White Light Essences in this way will be even greater than if you leave them in the closed pyramid pack itself.

  • Essence type : environmental essence
  • stock or dosage : Stock
  • Size : 10ml dropper bottle

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